Innovating for a sustainable water future

Water is our most precious resource. It is a basic human right. It is crucial for human health and wellbeing. It shapes the course of human progress. Its importance transcends political borders, and its challenges – from rapid urbanization to pollution, climate change, and resource scarcity – are universal. To keep up with the demands of the future, clients need to consider how one decision in the water cycle can generate value for all the others – from water supply, to conveyance, treatment, reuse, and return to the natural environment.

How do we help our clients achieve this? By placing our focus on flexible and resilient water systems that can anticipate and respond to change, all while reducing – or even eliminating – barriers between the source and the end-user. In short, we offer modern water solutions for a sustainable future.

Since we designed our first water storage reservoir in 1948, we’ve engineered modern solutions for age-old challenges in our water systems for over 130 communities. We base our approach on an understanding of local water cycles at the heart of global issues, such as economic development, environmental sustainability, energy use, and conservation. By understanding and influencing the whole water cycle – from catchment to tap – we’ve transformed governments, utilities, and private sector clients from water purveyors into stewards of one of our planet’s most precious and finite natural resources.


Kim Sayers
Vice President

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