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Around the world, governments and companies have committed to creating built environments that don’t compromise our natural ones, or the ability of future generations to thrive. Our role is clear: to build a sustainable future that delivers more for our communities. To bring this future forward, we work with clients to create built environments that emphasize return-oriented developments in measures of natural resources, community wellbeing, economic productivity, public safety, and quality of life – in short, all the outcomes that our built environments are meant to enable and uphold.

RVA is accelerating the shift towards circular models in our built environments by exploring bold and innovative ideas that will restore and regenerate our communities. Whether we are working at the scale of buildings, neighbourhoods, cities, or entire regions, the result is the same: natural capital is preserved, lifespans of assets are extended, and resources are maximized. By helping our clients move from linear ‘take-make-waste’ models to circular value chains, we empower them as active decision-makers and change-leaders of our future landscapes.


Tyler Lahti
Associate Vice President

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