Today’s vision, tomorrow’s reality

Futurists have long dreamed of utopian communities where people and technology thrive in harmony – of agile and responsive social environments that hum with seamlessly operated multimodal transit, self-sustaining energy grids, fine-tuned integrated services, and amenities on demand. And while we’ve taken incremental steps towards this bright future, our communities are still grappling with the complex challenges of population growth, infrastructure upkeep, and sustainability imperatives.

At RVA, our community development services help our clients stretch and sharpen their future ambitions, grounded firmly in the realities of their markets, communities, and stakeholders’ goals. Whether it’s schools, residences, businesses, transportation, or energy, we bring a holistic approach to develop creative engineering solutions that cover every facet of urban living. We work at all stages of a community’s development to identify and prioritize future impacts, develop strategic flexibility for new growth opportunities, mitigate and manage risk, and develop pragmatic plans to realize our clients’ visions to their fullest. Together, we can combine new ideas with new technologies in concrete ways that will enhance the lives of residents and make that brighter future a reality.

What RVA can do for you

  • Architectural support
  • Building renovation support
  • Construction support
  • Municipal support
  • Public utilities support
  • Recreational facilities
  • Site improvements
  • Site plan servicing
  • Site servicing investigations
  • Subdivisions

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