Kim Sayers

Vice President
“I’m interested not just in ‘what’ we make, but ‘how’ we make it. Every client is different; there isn’t one right way of doing anything. How we engage with our clients throughout the project is just as important as the end-result, and it’s something we should learn to master throughout our careers.”
Kim Sayers


Based in our Toronto office, Kim came to us by way of Winnipeg, Lethbridge, Calgary, and even Doha, Qatar – all the cities that her family has lived in throughout her childhood. Her interest in the engineering field would come after her travels, when she graduated high school and decided to follow her strengths in math and science to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering Science at Western University in London, Ontario. Still in search of a home base after graduation, Kim decided to further her studies through a Master of Applied Science program with the Drinking Water Research Group at the University of Toronto. From then on, her way forward was clear: through her master’s thesis, Kim was exposed to real-world design challenges and influences, and she became inspired to leave a positive impact on the world around her through the practice of civil environmental engineering. As a graduate student, she became involved in the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) Public Affairs Committee, and it was also during this time that she first learned of RVA. Having found a capable and compassionate team of like-minded professionals who were just as committed to supporting communities as she was, it was an easy decision for Kim to come on board.

Fast forward 17 years later, Kim has worked her way up from Engineer in Training, to Project Manager, to Senior Associate, and finally to Principal, with a diverse background in the design of water treatment, pumping and storage facilities. As the manager of our water supply team, her experience in the design, computer modeling, and analysis of water supply systems is extensive, and she is well-versed in preparing environmental approvals, cost estimations, operations manuals, contract documentation, and equipment specifications for a wide range of municipal and environmental projects. She maintains active involvement with OWWA as a member of their Groundwater Committee, and she holds an industry-comprehensive certification as a Project Management Professional that enables her to address project requirements from multiple perspectives.

Helping is what motivates Kim and directs her focus in project management and client care. She looks for ways to end ambiguity when possible – if it’s an answer you need, she’ll hunt it down. Through her work, Kim strives to create a collaborative environment where functional and thoughtful design solutions come first. Combining her hands-on approach with her rigorous training, Kim focuses on understanding each client’s challenges at a fundamental level and delivering a system that addresses them. As a leader of complex assignments with multi-layered disciplines, she empowers everyone involved in the project team – particularly operations staff in design development – understanding that the best results come when end-users feel they can engage in meaningful ways throughout the process.

After her many adventures abroad, Kim is now happily settled in Toronto. In her spare time, Kim keeps herself occupied by chipping away at any project she can find around the house, from repainting the walls to sanding the deck (as her husband is fond of saying, she is a “Doer,” not a “Sayer”). A proud mother of two boys, ages six and eight, she is grateful of the supportive culture at RVA where work-life balance is encouraged, and she loves applying the daily wisdom and lessons learned from motherhood to her work: as Kim says, if you can handle kids, you can handle anything a project might throw at you!