Looking beyond the surface

As the demand for clean water intensifies, clients need to address challenges related to aging infrastructure, growing end-user demand, and water losses. At RVA, we cover all aspects of water distribution and wastewater collection, from the design of new pipelines to the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.

What defines the RVA approach is our ability to go beyond surface level considerations to deliver on the social, environmental, and economic markers of sustainability in our linear systems. Since the formation of our practice, we have proudly set the industry standards that differentiate our clients’ projects, served as trusted partners for water utilities and municipalities, and stayed ahead of the developments that impact water and wastewater servicing on local and global scales. With our connected, cross-disciplinary team of water professionals, we can deliver future-proofed and cost-effective solutions that harness the latest technologies to enhance our water conveyance systems and meet the evolving needs of our communities.

What RVA can do for you

  • Collection systems
  • Combined sewer overflows (CSO) management
  • Design-build consulting
  • Distribution watermains
  • Hydraulic, water quality, and transient analysis
  • Inspections and condition assessments
  • Pipeline rehabilitation
  • Sewage forcemains
  • Storm and sanitary sewers
  • Stormwater management systems
  • Transmission watermains

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