Tomorrow, built today

Many of the challenges and opportunities that are coming to define our transformative age are most visible in the structures that support our most densely populated areas. Without ever holding a hammer or stepping foot on a construction site, we all feel the daily impacts on our structures – they represent the building blocks of our way of life and, from a wider point of view, a cornerstone of our economies.

At RVA, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Instead, we focus on developing an intimate understanding of the unique socioeconomic, political, and geographic realities of each community. Using this method, we’ve planned, designed, procured, and delivered some of the country’s most high-profile and sophisticated structures on both the owner and construction side of the equation. Across the domains of economy, mobility, security, education, living, and environment, we can help you future-proof your most critical assets and adapt to the demands of tomorrow.

What RVA can do for you

  • Building code compliance
  • Building design
  • Custom equipment support
  • Elevated tanks
  • Failure investigation and analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Pumping stations  
  • Shell structures
  • Structural condition assessments
  • Structural rehabilitation
  • Underground infrastructure
  • Wastewater conveyance structures
  • Wastewater facilities
  • Water conveyance structures
  • Water facilities

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