More than just a firm

In 1948, Roderick Victor Anderson set forth the purpose that would define the foundations of our practice and expand the value of our services: to build a better future and make an impact that lasts. Since then, clients have relied on RVA to achieve remarkable goals, solve their toughest challenges, and drive meaningful progress.

This is our legacy, which has grown to a thriving organization of over 450 professionals proudly carrying forth the spirit of human connection and collaboration for our people, clients, and communities. We work together across geographic, functional, and business lines to deliver dynamic solutions that are based in trust and informed decision-making. As one RVA, we bring together great leaders, great clients, and great moments to shape the future that defines our communities.

We’ve put in over seventy five years of hard work and dedication to making a real difference. And while we’ve grown in diversity and scale, our shared vision remains the same.

That’s what makes RVA truly different. It’s not about how big we are, where we are, or what services we offer. What really defines us is our drive to make an impact that reverberates across communities. We don’t just believe in making a difference. We get up every day, come together, and make it so.

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At the core of our brand is our values connecting people, projects, and planet.

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Exceptional people,
exceptional outcomes

At RVA, our people are our brand and our competitive edge. They represent all that we do, and all that we are. Their ideas are changing our communities for the better and redefining what it means to be an engineering consulting firm.

Our Values

We believe in the power of individuals to unleash transformative results.

The relationships we build with each other are what give meaning to our work and our purpose. So we show up with empathy, openness, and understanding for people. We share our goals, achievements, setbacks, and celebrations. We bring our whole selves to our work, and we value and support that in each other.

Our Principles


We grow and innovate together, not apart. We connect the dots between the unique skills that we each bring to the table and position our people to maximize their potential within a greater network. Our seamless structure, free from silos, enables us to create cross-disciplinary experiences and solutions across all lines of business.


We have no interest in silos, bureaucracy, and meticulously measured efficiency. Our people get to personalize their RVA experience with ongoing opportunities for learning, fun, creativity, and meaning at work. And while we take the responsibility our clients place in us very seriously, we’re not afraid to laugh together.


Our people stay with us because we give them the opportunity to build experience in many different roles, in many areas of practice, all in one dynamic firm. By giving our people maximum flexibility and support to create their own adventure at RVA, they gain experiences and capabilities they couldn’t find anywhere else.


Making a world of difference

Making a difference in the places where we live, work, and serve isn’t something we do at the end of the day. At RVA, it’s what we do every day – for our people, our clients, and our communities. We bring our diverse experience and unique perspectives to create social impact where it matters most, whether it’s corporate sponsorships, fundraising, pro-bono skills-based volunteering, or workplace giving. Together, we have made substantial contributions to a host of community-minded organizations and worthwhile causes all over the world.