Preparing today for tomorrow’s unknowns

In our transformative age, decision-makers at all levels – national, municipal, and local – are being challenged to keep pace with a mobility landscape that is on a countdown of constant reinvention. To develop future-proofed mobility ecosystems that are faster, cheaper, cleaner, and safer than those of today, clients need to broaden their aperture on how people will move in the future – including the types of infrastructure, vehicles, services, and technologies that will make that movement possible.

As our proven experience has shown, it’s not enough to react to events as they unfold. In order to move forward, we must first develop an understanding of where we are starting from – as well as a cohesive vision of where we want to end up. Our transportation planning solutions prioritize our world’s changing mobility habits and emerging technologies to develop flexible future-back plans that will lay the foundation for travel networks that are connected, intelligent, scalable, and resilient. With our experience in transportation planning and studies, clients have the chance – starting today – to plan effectively, lead proactively, and deliver future-fit outcomes with the right technology and the right insights.

What RVA can do for you

  • Access management
  • Active transportation crossing safety
  • Agency advisory
  • Infrastructure investment planning
  • Intersection control feasibility studies
  • Modeling
  • Multimodal mobility planning
  • Multimodal operations assessment
  • Parking design and demand studies
  • Rail crossing safety assessment
  • Road user costs
  • Roadway safety assessment
  • Roundabout feasibility
  • Safe system intersections
  • Traffic calming
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Traffic staging and management plans
  • Transportation master plans
  • Transportation services policy review
  • Travel demand management strategies

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