Advancing a new age
of transportation

Our mobility landscape will likely see more change in the next few decades than we have in the last century. The stories we used to tell about self-driving cars and helicopters-on-demand now seem quaint with the pace of change that we’re experiencing in every facet of our mobility networks.

We now live in a time of personalized travel experiences, where every aspect of our journey – from travel time, to cost, and even our choice of transport – can be accessed from a smartphone. Today, government and transportation authorities have to manage a mobility system that is quickly moving beyond roads, bridges, and tunnels to include everything from autonomous vehicles, multimodal mass transit, and travel on demand.

At RVA, we’re helping our clients reimagine their existing transportation assets and land uses as healthy mobility ecosystems that don’t just evolve amidst change, but drive it. Our transportation services move clients from static and backward-looking optimization techniques to forward-looking capabilities that are integrated with the latest technological advances to operationalize new mobility models, accelerate improvement, and drive future innovation.


Nick Palomba
Vice President

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