Solving for the unknown

The transformation of our cities has only just begun. As urban sprawl continues to expand, and citizens’ expectations grow, communities will need more specialty structures to make living easier, more fulfilling, and more sustainable.

The complexities of specialty structures are not always apparent. At RVA, we look beyond the obvious to uncover unexpected, fit-for-purpose solutions. Through our innovative thinking and lateral teaming, we’ve provided structural design services for many specialty structures, such as amusement park installations, roller coaster supports, elevated water towers, spillways, and dams. We have extensive experience working with a wide range of design codes and standards across multiple sectors and geographies. We’ve also developed alliances with industry leaders and educational institutions to find answers to the toughest problems in specialty structures. By leveraging our far-reaching network, deep industry insights, and multidisciplinary teams, we’ll help you explore every avenue of opportunity and develop uniquely tailored solutions to your specialized challenges.

What RVA can do for you

  • 3D modeling and point cloud integration
  • Amusement parks
  • Dams
  • Elevated water towers
  • Finite element analysis
  • Geostructural engineering
  • Innovative concrete foundation designs
  • Private development site planning
  • Project concept development
  • Spatial layout planning
  • Spillways

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