Lighting your way forward

In order to grow and survive, our transportation clients have to explore every avenue in the quest for greater efficiency, and to meet their duty of care to provide a safe and reliable mobility infrastructure. While our transportation habits may be in constant flux, one thing will stay the same: the safety and efficiency of our mobility systems depend on effective roadway illumination.

The benefits of a properly designed traffic signal system are obvious; at RVA, however, we go beyond the basics to deliver enhanced visual environments that enable our next-gen cities, and all the transport modes and services that are coming to define them. Our solutions aim to deliver data-driven insights that can expose inefficient processes, provide real-time data, and enhance our clients’ ability to make the most of their assets to deliver enhanced and safeguarded outcomes.

What RVA can do for you

  • Bridge illumination
  • Inventories and condition assessments
  • Multi-use path (MUP) and multi-use trail (MUT) illumination
  • Parking facility illumination
  • Pedestrian and cycling traffic signals
  • Road and pedestrian scale photometric analysis
  • Roadway illumination
  • Roadway traffic signals
  • Sports field illumination
  • Standards development and maintenance contracts
  • Structural pole capacity analysis
  • Timing plans and traffic signal coordination
  • Tunnel illumination

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