Finding new connections
between old challenges

Infrastructure of the future is greater than the sum of its parts: more than just individual assets, they’re a holistic system in which solutions work together. As digital technologies create smarter, more connected spaces, clients need to start thinking about how they program their buildings and systems in a much more integrated way.

RVA offers a comprehensive and scalable end-to-end package of applications that can be tailored to facilities of every type, including environmental, industrial, commercial, institutional, specialty, and residential. Combined with our full suite of traditional engineering disciplines, we execute the smallest to largest projects as turnkey solutions.

We work collaboratively with you as an integrated project team to provide solutions that focus on simplicity, innovation, and ingenuity. From building owners, private developers, government, municipalities, and contractors, our applications enable clients to create environments that are more agile and responsive to the needs of its occupants, with better benchmarks for performance and more rigorous measurements of efficiency and effectiveness.


Zoran Filinov
Chief Operating Officer

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