Waste not, want not

The idea of ‘waste’ in wastewater is outdated. As we collectively shift our focus to the impact humans have on our planet, we need to see wastewater solids as part of a circulating resource pool, with ongoing recovery value in the form of valuable nutrients, minerals, organic matter, and energy. At RVA, we’ve abandoned traditional notions of disposal and treatment to focus instead on cycles of resource recovery, renewal, and reuse. But a circular economy involves more than just recycling; it’s a holistic solution whereby economic value and social benefit are dissociated from the consumption of finite resources, as well as the production of waste from the outset. It’s about redefining and realizing value in our finite resources in new and innovative ways.

While the challenges facing our water systems may be global, we believe the solutions come from the local. By working closely with governments, utilities, regulators, and communities, we help our clients seize growing opportunities as technological advances continue to open up new sources of value in water and wastewater processes. We’re proud to say we’ve been recognized leaders in asset and biosolids programs ever since we first established innovative best practices in the National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure; today, we continue to be the go-to professionals for municipal, provincial, and federal agencies to tackle supply, demand, regulatory, and business-related challenges in biosolids management and resource recovery.

What RVA can do for you

  • Anaerobic digestion systems
  • Biogas generation
  • Biosolids and septage management
  • Class A and Class B biosolids
  • Digestors
  • Energy recovery
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory and mitigation
  • Heat recovery from wastewater
  • Infrastructure condition and needs assessments
  • Process optimization
  • Renewable natural gas (RNG)
  • Strategic asset management planning

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