Small firm dedication.
Big firm results.

Over the last 75 years, we’ve refined our solutions through invaluable opportunities to work on projects and markets of all shapes and sizes. But that’s only half the story.

We offer boutique service at the core of a broader network. What does that mean? It means we have the internal flexibility and technical capabilities to work in the trenches alongside you, tailoring our services to your specific needs, and drive results with feet on the ground – all while offering our clients the opportunity to tap into the breadth and depth of our technology, expertise, and creative problem solving of our larger firm.

At RVA, we’ll wrap our arms around your goals, foster a personalized client experience, and dial you into the interdisciplinary RVA network for everything you need, anywhere you need it.

Building, windmill, bridge, forrest

A lifecycle approach

Our holistic approach means that we account for the entire project, not just the individual components. RVA applies integrated solutions across the project and asset lifecycle with well-developed tools and methodologies that can be configured across every phase – from planning, design, construction, completion, and beyond – to help you navigate the complexities of the project and pave the way to success.

With our dynamic range of asset management, risk advisory, quality assurance, and project management services, RVA offers clients the full suite of capabilities they need to overcome the challenges facing them today, and the insight to seize the opportunities beyond tomorrow.

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