Aaron Bell

Project Manager
“As we look ahead to the future, the world will need engineers more than ever. Our job is to provide creative, innovative solutions that will help people get ahead of tomorrow’s changes and overcome our society’s most pressing challenges.”
Aaron Bell


From a young age, Aaron has always been driven by curiosity. From fixing the VCR to taking apart anything he could around the house (much to his family’s chagrin), he has always been fascinated by how things worked and how they could be made better. This explains why his career has been focused on asking why we build our cities the way we do, and how our infrastructure can improve both our constructed and natural environments. While his future career path could have taken on many forms – urban planning, architecture, structural engineering, and even music – it was this curiosity, coupled with a love for Sim City (his favourite video game growing up), that led Aaron down the road of civil engineering.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in civil engineering from University of Toronto, Aaron joined RVA in 2013, where he quickly became a key client contact for major capital works and transportation projects in the City of Toronto. As a project lead, Aaron strives to look beyond the what to understand the why behind any given project, problem, or challenge. Behind every milestone, every specification, is an opportunity to reimagine what’s given to generate holistic solutions, fresh ideas, and drive results that matter for the people and communities we ultimately serve. It’s a fundamentally creative approach that opens up a universe of possibilities for clients, encouraging them ask bigger questions and marrying those answers with real-world outcomes. It’s also allowed him develop innovative solutions for our clients in some truly unexpected ways. Whether it’s delivering speed-to-value in project operations or maximizing an investment in a new technology, Aaron’s goal is to help people innovate with impact and respond confidently to nonstop change.

Outside of the office, Aaron likes to step away from the rigor of engineering to let loose his creative side. On top of dabbling in visual arts and photography, Aaron is a skilled musician, having picked up his first instrument at the tender age of three. In his spare time, you can find him producing music, playing at jazz clubs around the city, and more recently, fulfilling the role of pianist and jack-of-all-trades in RVA’s eponymous rockband.