Rina Kurian

Team Leader
“Mentoring isn’t just about giving little tidbits of advice here and there (although those do come in handy, of course!). Mentoring is also about the environment and the culture that you cultivate and share with your team.”
Rina Kurian


A civil engineer by training, Rina comes to us from Kerala, India. She first discovered her interest in wastewater treatment during a graduate program in civil and chemical engineering at Western University, where she became more involved in environmental engineering and wastewater treatment. There, she became fascinated with the processes that make up our water cycles that, while simple on the surface, have immeasurable impacts on human health and wellbeing, leading her to pursue a career in wastewater so she could share her passion with others.

After graduating with a Master of Engineering Science in 2005, Rina joined RVA as a junior engineer. As her role evolved throughout her tenure at the firm, so did her interests. As it happened, Rina found herself enjoying the project management side of engineering, and soon rose to the rank of deputy PM in wastewater design projects. Now, with over 15 years of experience under her belt, Rina is adept at rising to the dual challenges of project manager and lead engineer. Her experience with approval and permit processes is extensive, and she is well-versed in contract administration for many different project types. However, she remains a hands-on engineer at heart, and she is efficient and methodical in her design production for multidisciplinary projects.

While Rina can talk endlessly about the biological and physical processes that transform sewage into potable water, the part of her job that she has found to be the most rewarding is being a resource to her colleagues: sharing tips and tricks of the trade, figuring out new systems, and brainstorming on just about anything. For Rina, every project is a personal challenge to try something bold and new, without regard to whether it’s been done before. Her career has been defined by big chances to take the path less traveled, and it has paid off with innovative results that elevate the human experience and enhance the health and wellbeing of our communities.

In her free time, Rina likes to stay active with running, biking, and badminton, and has even completed several half-marathons. In between, she’ll also find quiet moments to practice her pencil sketching and read historic fiction (her favourite genre). Rina has also spent many hours contributing to organizations geared towards professional mentorship through her work with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council. For Rina, it has been a rewarding opportunity to learn about life experiences outside of her own, and most importantly, to come back and tell others what she learned.