Salam Al-Durra

Manager, Architecture
“My goal with every project is to create something different and unconventional – something that catches your eye and compels you to ask questions.”
Salam Al-Durra


Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, from a family of engineers, Salam has been drawing, drafting, and crafting things since childhood. From making his own colouring books from scratch to participating in school painting competitions, Salam’s love for the creative arts began early. When his older brother went on to study architecture, Salam received an informal education by helping his brother with his drafting homework. It was then that he saw how even the slightest inkling of an idea could grow, through vision and collaboration, into a multi-storey complex that transforms the lives of hundreds.

Fast forward many years later, Salam would receive his own formal education by graduating with a Bachelor of Science in architectural engineering from the Philadelphia University in Jordan, and later his professional architect’s license from the Ontario Association of Architects. After working for several international architectural firms in Jordan and Canada, Salam joined RVA in 2016, where he has helped RVA Architecture grow from a supplementary service focused on water and wastewater projects to a full-fledged division with an ever-expanding portfolio of schools, community centres, office complexes, and fire stations.

When it comes to design, Salam doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed. He enjoys thinking about the big picture and how everything fits together, but also tends to dwell on the details, especially things others may not be paying attention to. From pumping stations to urban developments, every project holds a special interest – a challenge to make it eye-catching. As a key member of RVA Architecture, Salam brings his unique perspective to projects with his affinity for the visual arts, helping the team push the envelope in design to improve the fabric of cities and their surrounding communities.

On his days off, Salam is continuously reaching new goals in his health and wellness. When he’s not running, swimming, cycling, or dancing, you can find him cooking up new keto recipes or exploring the city, always with his camera at the ready (fun fact: some of his work is featured on this very website!). He’s an accomplished long-distance athlete and triathlete, with several marathons and triathlons under his belt, and many more on the way – as Salam likes to say, the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ is going that one extra mile.