Rika Law

Team Leader
“Coordination is my favourite part of design. There are so many people you can learn from, including our clients. I want every project to really feel like a team effort.”
Rika Law


From a young age, Rika has always known that working with the natural environment would be a fundamental part of her world, and even dreamt of becoming a zookeeper one day. Upon discovering her fear of insects, however, Rika switched gears to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto, where she had the opportunity to a complete an environmental stream along the way. There, Rika discovered a newfound interest in water and wastewater treatment, and its ability to serve the needs of a community while enriching natural systems for mutual benefit.

After graduating in 2007, Rika joined RVA as a process designer and project manager. A certified Project Management Professional and key contributor to the Project Execution Committee, Rika is skilled at developing project management resources and templates that bring clarity to the design and decision-making process. With a diverse background in water and wastewater process engineering – encompassing everything from design to contract administration, permits and approvals, and shop drawing reviews – Rika strives to create practical and detailed designs with an eye towards functional and reliable long-term operations. Whether it’s recalculating safety factors or resolving a complex contractor issue, she takes pride in looking after the nitty gritty details, while never turning her back on the bigger picture.

A communicator and coordinator by nature, Rika loves the collaborative aspect of design and seeing a project through from beginning to end. Valuing the journey as much as the destination, she is well-versed in working with multidisciplinary teams as well as municipal owners and operators to deliver results that are as seamless as they are pragmatic. Throughout her 14-year career, she has built her reputation on cultivating strong relationships that are based on trust, confidence, and memorable client experiences regardless of budget or time constraints. For Rika, there’s no better feeling than being able to push the start button and see the end-results come to life, exactly as they were intended, together with her clients.

In her time away from the office, you can find Rika baking cakes and cookies, playing video games with other RVA’ers (Overcooked 2 and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes being among her favourites), and visiting her grandma. As a person of faith, Rika sees the greater purpose behind her daily work as a chance to make the world a little more wondrous, and a better place overall.