Peter Langan

Vice President
“Engineering is about knowing everyone’s capabilities and having the right people doing the right things. It’s as simple as that.”
Peter Langan


As Vice President of our municipal, urban development, modeling and field services groups, you can think of Peter as a team-building maestro. With diverse experience that spans across municipal, urban development, and transportation projects, Peter is comfortable wearing any and every hat to get the best possible results – whether it’s the role of project director, team leader, career mentor, or fellow engineer.

Since joining RVA as a project engineer in 1990, Peter’s leadership has played a critical role in the most ambitious and award-winning projects in the firm’s history, such as the revitalization of Toronto’s Waterfront and the East Bayfront Stormwater Management System, which was recognized by the Consulting Engineers of Ontario Willis Chipman Award. Much of his wide-ranging portfolio involves large-scale projects with integrated programs that knit together technical, economic, social, environmental objectives – all of which have been made possible by his proven ability to drive consensus between diverse needs and points of view. Whether collaborating with a client or teammate, taking on a multi-year city transformation project or a modest road resurfacing assignment, Peter’s goal remains the same: to help people succeed, flourish, and grow.

As a leader, Peter is a natural listener. He sees the strengths and potential in others, and has a gift for building connections with different people at the level of their needs and preferences – a skill that has helped him cultivate enduring relationships with clients and enabled his teams to thrive. As Peter likes to say, his approach to project management is as a shepherd watching out for all: he pays close attention to the fit between client and talent in every project, and focuses on building the right teams for the right challenge. He also believes in the importance of kindness and courtesy in both life and work, and that it is essential to treat each other with dignity and respect – values which he brings to his role as Principal and Board Member at RVA. He is a strong proponent of RVA’s culture of ownership as both enriching and essential, and believes that celebrating our teams’ achievements, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, ultimately lead to broader vision and deeper insight.

Outside the office, Peter is equal parts tradesperson, inventor, and tinkerer. Between the family and grandkids, he likes to keep busy with whatever hands-on work he can find around him, whether it’s home renovations, retrofitting his boat with the latest tech, or crossing things off a never-ending list of personal projects. Peter is also a Designated Consultant with Professional Engineers Ontario, as well as a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, where he currently serves on the Board of Directors. Whatever hat he may be wearing on any given day, he appreciates every opportunity to help uplift people and communities.