Peter Cho

Manager, Transportation
“Your whole career is a learning process. Dedicate yourself to it: ask questions, get involved, be open to every opportunity. There’s not a day when you stop learning.”
Peter Cho


Peter found his way to the transportation industry through a simple process of elimination. A natural at physics, math, and science from a young age, Peter pursued engineering as the nexus of all his strengths. Through his studies, he found himself gravitating towards the civil side of engineering through his longstanding interest in construction. Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in civil engineering from the University of Waterloo, Peter joined RVA as a project manager in our transportation group, where he would eventually become a principal of the firm in 2018.

Since his early years at RVA, Peter has approached projects with the spirit of a fearless explorer. Eager for experience and motivated by the challenge of large-scale projects, Peter dove headfirst into our municipal and transportation practice, and all the learning opportunities that were afforded to him along the way. As one who was never satisfied sitting in an office, Peter fully immerses himself in all stages of the design and construction process, which has enabled him to lead many of the firm’s most complex, award-winning projects, such as the Rossland Road Improvements and Church Street Reconstruction for the Town of Ajax, and the Cherry Street Stormwater Management Facility in Toronto.

As a team leader, Peter loves helping people grow. He is a strong advocate for engineers to keep learning, not only in the context of continuing education, but with an active attention to the world around them. In his time at RVA, he has benefited from the endless variety of projects as the firm continues to diversify in its teams and capabilities. Now, he enjoys sharing the knowledge that he has gained from past experiences and witnessing the evolution of his own teams along the way – helping them advance in their careers, learn the technical tools of the trade, and build networks that will last a lifetime. With his broad spectrum of expertise and growth mindset, Peter is now focused on expanding our teams’ linear capabilities to new markets and geographies across the country, where he continues to mentor and learn from a rich-cross section of our staff.

In his spare time, you’re likely to catch Peter playing a round of golf, basketball, or softball, and spending quality time with his family. At the heart of all his personal and professional endeavours is a simple wish: to give his son the best, fun-filled life he possibly can.