Nick Palomba

Vice President
“I encourage anyone starting off in their career to think about all the possibilities in front of you and where they may lead – because engineering is all about human ingenuity and finding new ways forward. Our industry is so broad that nothing is ever set in stone, and that’s great. That means your potential is limitless.”
Nick Palomba


Having a father who was in construction his whole life, Nick would often visit construction sites on the weekends to lend a hand, and developed an early sense of accomplishment in building new structures and living spaces that had a tangible benefit for his community. As computers and other new technologies began to take off in the eighties, Nick saw that the engineering field was ripe for innovation, and made the decision in his early teens to attend the University of Waterloo, where he would eventually earn his Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Civil Engineering.

Since joining RVA in 2017 as Vice President of our transportation and sustainability divisions, Nick has seen our firm thrive and grow through many evolutionary shifts. From the opening and management of our new office in the Halton Region, to the establishment of a successful natural sciences division, to the incorporation of road illumination in our electrical discipline – Nick has guided the policies that have driven the extraordinary growth and national reputation of RVA, and has played an instrumental role in advancing our firm’s culture of growth and opportunity in an ever more connected world.

Now a Principal and Board Member, client care at RVA allows Nick to blend his lifelong interest in construction with his skills in project leadership to power his drive to help others be successful. As a leader who loves design work as much as the design of great employee experiences, Nick is focused on expanding our teams’ professional possibilities across the firm. A strong believer in agile teaming, his forward-thinking leadership has enabled team integration across the firm’s local and national offices, broadening the firm’s service capabilities beyond traditional regional boundaries.

Nick’s commitment to leadership and advocacy extends far beyond the office. He is an active member of many community-based organizations, such as regional science fairs and charity auctions, and coaches several youth hockey and soccer teams. He has served as Vice President for the Thorold Amateur Association and the Niagara Soccer Association, as well as a Treasurer for the Ontario Soccer Association. He has also held leadership positions in several professional associations, with past roles including Vice Chair and Director of the Board for ACEC-ON, and professional liaison for the Niagara College engineering curriculum. When he’s not coaching or volunteering, you’ll find Nick spending most of his time in the great outdoors, where he loves to golf, boat, and camp with his family and six grandkids. To this day, Nick still likes to dabble in hands-on projects, such as woodworking and restoring old vehicles, including the 1972 Monte Carlo that he hopes to take out on the roads someday.