Moe Latif

Managing Director, RVA Architecture
“As architects, we have to find the story behind what we design.”
Moe Latif


Based in Toronto, Moe is the disciplinary leader of RVA Architecture. His 24+ years of experience have introduced him to all phases of design and construction, as well as a wide range of projects. From luxury complexes to industrial and institutional projects, Moe brings a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding to his work. Having worked on many high-profile projects abroad – including Canada, United States, Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Europe – Moe enjoys bringing together multiple perspectives and work experiences throughout a project.

As a LEED-accredited designer, Moe loves projects that are smart, sustainable, and timeless. He relishes being able to elevate the beauty, spatial experience, and longevity of the urban fabric of our communities. Based on his experiences travelling and studying abroad, Moe doesn’t shy away from pushing the envelope and infusing personality into each project. But, as he points out, aesthetics and function aren’t mutually exclusive, so long as people remain the driving influence behind creative, innovative solutions.

This design philosophy is what brought Moe to RVA in 2016 and caught the attention of clients across the country, which led to the launch of RVA Architecture in 2021. With Moe at the helm, RVA’s architectural practice has grown from a team of three to a full-blown service division that spans across Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, St. Catharines, and Halifax. With diversification and growth at top of mind, Moe has been instrumental in charting new paths for RVA’s Architecture’s capabilities and portfolio. He has won several record-breaking design projects for the firm – including RVA’s first recreational facility and school in the last seventy years – along with multi-year rosters in new markets across Canada. His short- and long-term strategy is simple: to bring awareness and confidence to RVA Architecture, and to make his team into architectural leaders in their own right.

Beyond architecture, Moe loves spending time on the water. A lifelong swimmer and licensed scuba diver, Moe has completed several expeditions out in the Caribbean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Gulf Sea. In the future, he looks forward to settling down in a mountainside home facing the ocean, surrounded by miles of crystal lagoons.