Mark Bruder

Manager, Structures and Tunnels
“As I navigate the consulting engineering industry, I have a profound gratitude for the guidance I continually receive from my peers. I aim to transfer as much knowledge gained as possible so we’re all growing together.”
Mark Bruder


Ever since the age of six, Mark has taken family road trips back and forth between Ontario and Florida, where he had the opportunity to visit many theme parks along the way, such as Cedar Point, Kings Island, Six Flags, Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Canada’s Wonderland. It wasn’t long after he first rode the Jr. Gemini roller coaster at Cedar Point that he knew he wanted to design one someday. Fast forward a few years later, Mark would go on to earn his Bachelor of Engineering Science in civil and structural engineering at Western University. Soon after joining RVA in 2008, Mark was able to fulfill his childhood ambition by working on his first roller coaster project, Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland, the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Canada and one of the top 10 in the world, which remains one of the proudest achievements of his career to this day.

After refining his skills in the design and drafting of specialist structures in his early career, Mark found an aptitude for project management. Now, with over 13 years of experience, he specializes in high-profile, high-risk civil projects, particularly in the sustainable infrastructure. He has served as PM and Deputy PM on some of the largest and deepest tunnel projects in RVA’s history, including City of Toronto’s Coxwell Bypass Tunnel, Enwave’s East Bayfront Tunnel, and Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling tunnel. Whatever the structure or industry, Mark enjoys problem-solving on large, complex projects that require engaged thinking and end-to-end collaboration.

As a project leader (whose desk has been nominated as “Most Organized” on more than one occasion), Mark’s creed is simple: minimize risk, maximize value, and optimize performance. With his talents in project management, logistics, and systems-building, Mark appreciates it when a plan comes together. He thrives in situations where there is little time, but a deep need for efficient solutions. Every project is a challenge to maximize time and value – no matter the size or budget – and to do it in a way that is future-proofed, technically sound, and client-centered. On a grander scale, he hopes that his efforts, however great or small, will be a force of good for our planet – helping to improve the lives of future generations.

Outside the office, Mark is a proud father of two daughters, three-and-a-half years old and nine-months old. And although it’s been many years since Mark first rode his roller coaster at Cedar Point, the profound thrill of going from the ground to dizzying heights at breakneck speed has never left him. A seasoned hiker and rock-climber, Mark has scaled challenging peaks and traversed canyons and trails all around the world, including Mount Whitney, Half Dome, the Grand Canyon, and Mauna Kea, and he is looking forward to a future trip to Mount Everest base camp and Mount Roraima when he finds the time. Wherever he is in the world, Mark is always searching for a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else – so long as you have the nerve to stomach it.