Hensel Assam

Senior Structural Engineer
“A design is successful when the end-result looks and feels effortless. When it’s constructed, it gives people the impression that it should always have been that way.”
Hensel Assam


Growing up in a small town in Cameroon, Hensel developed an early appreciation of natural landscapes, humble but classic constructions, and hardworking people who were eager to improve their communities. Hensel excelled at physics and math from a young age, and having a father who was a construction surveyor, he soon found himself wondering how buildings were made to withstand all kinds of environmental forces. It wasn’t difficult to make his way to engineering from there: when he received a scholarship to study architecture, he discovered structural engineering in the process, when he realized that the field had a rich history in civil work, and an enticing blend of design, math, and physics. In the years following, Hensel’s education, work, and travels led him to Germany, where he earned a Master of Science in civil and structural engineering from Technische Universität Berlin.

Prior to joining RVA, Hensel was a project director at the ground level of an international construction management organization. Starting from a team of two, Hensel developed the company’s road construction team into a full-service division with an interdisciplinary team of 350 workers and professionals from around the world, and many of Hensel’s high-profile structural projects have been built in Israel, Italy, United States, and Canada. Now, as a senior structural engineer at RVA, he leverages his vast experience in construction methods and materials to develop innovative solutions for clients that are streamlined and fit-for-purpose.

Inspired by his training in Germany, Hensel revels in finding the balance between simplicity and complexity. In an industry of accelerating change, Hensel focuses on distilling complex challenges down to their essence to arrive at potent, yet elegant solutions. He considers these strategies a guiding force in his career, and a groundswell for co-developing design, management, and technical practices when mentoring his team.

Community development remains a core part of Hensel’s mission. For two years, he was president of ALCA, a community-based organization that provided support and assistance to empower newcomers to Canada. In his time away from the office, Hensel is always looking for ways to give back to the community, keeping up with the news and politics of the day, and catching up on the F1 races.