David O’Sullivan

Project Manager
“At RVA, we’re not just serving ourselves, we’re serving our communities while helping to build the places where people live. When we do that well, that’s satisfying.”
David O’Sullivan


Growing up, the design of cities and buildings have always appealed to David. This passion would lead him to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in civil engineering from University of Toronto. In the years following his graduation, however, David’s natural curiosity and wanderlust led him down many avenues early in his career – working in management consulting at a bread manufacturer in England, helicopter factories in British Columbia, and other manufacturing facilities overseas – before he would finally discover his niche in structural engineering and project management. It was shortly after he had the opportunity to work on an assignment as a management consultant at an international engineering firm that he found himself coming back full circle to the field of structural engineering. Now, client care at RVA allows David to blend his lifelong interest in civil infrastructure with his strengths in project management to fuel his drive to help others succeed.

A natural problem-solver, David’s background in structural design and civil construction gives him a keen ability to solve complex for his clients, while also bringing the technical rigor needed to ensure the successful implementation of any given solution. He is knowledgeable in the design of heavy civil structures, bridges, and transit facilities, having worked with a variety of materials and building techniques – including steel, timber, and concrete – and is well-versed in structural finite element analysis software. Whether it’s road widening projects, rail corridor construction, new bridge construction, or transit stations, David has built a proven track record in managing internal and external teams with a focus on driving value for clients, communities, and stakeholders.

Looking ahead to the future, David is particularly energized by the diversification our firm’s projects, capabilities, and geographies to create solutions that are responsive to the evolution of our urban centres. From pedestrian level to high-speed corridors, he sees the future of mobility as a shifting puzzle that holds infinite possibilities to build new connections in our urban landscapes, and to shape the experience of the people who reside within them. As project manager with over 15 years of experience, David is in a prime position to oversee these projects from concept to delivery – from the center of a multi-layered network of agencies, specialists, constituents, and community members, with the technical skills to deliver enhanced value for all stakeholders.

In his spare time, you’ll find David playing a pick-up game of basketball with other RVA’ers, planning his next trip abroad, or working on home improvement projects. And while he remains as fascinated by cities as ever, David still likes to disconnect and escape the urban din every now and then to enjoy the clarity afforded by his favourite outdoor activities: hiking, camping, and canoeing.