Chris Newman

Regional Manager, St. John’s
“If you have a question, all you have to do is walk into the adjacent office or pick up the phone and call someone – anyone – in the company. There’s bound to be someone who’s done it all before.”
Chris Newman


With over 22 years of experience and a project portfolio that spans everything from residential and commercial developments to street upgrades and pumping stations, Chris is a seasoned industry veteran – and an RVA veteran to boot. Chris began his journey at RVA in October 2000 as a junior draftsperson. In a short period of time, he became more involved in design and found himself becoming the go-to contact for clients, which led him to taking on a project management role by 2010. In 2016, Chris officially became our Regional Manager in our St. John’s office and led the first critical project for the City of St. John’s with the Goulds Sewage Pumping Station Replacement project. He now leads large scale and multidisciplinary projects across Newfoundland and Labrador.

As Regional Manager of our St. John’s office (and affectionately dubbed ‘Office Dad’), Chris is focused on leading and mentoring a tightknit team of six engineers and technologists, with big plans to continue growing in the future. His goal is to showcase the very best of the firm’s multidisciplinary expertise from coast-to-coast, including our civil, to structural, hydrological, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and transportation services.

For Chris, the doors to opportunity really opened when he joined RVA. Now, he strives to create the same room to grow for others in their own paths of development. His favorite thing about working at the RVA is the wealth of experience and knowledge that anyone can tap into across the firm – whatever the question may be, there’s bound to be someone who has done it before, and the answer is always just a phone call away.

When he is not at the office, you can find Chris biking or hiking with his family on the east coast trails, and woodworking when the time permits.