Candice Green

Regional Manager, Sudbury
“I’m passionate about building communities with a purpose. What type of development do they need? How can they balance functionality, sustainability, and community? We have to create a future where growth is inclusive and places where legacies are honoured.”
Candice Green


A Sudbury native, Candice is the Regional Manager and leader of the urban development group in our Sudbury office. A former Mathlete, Candice stumbled into civil engineering through her love of math and science, initially focusing on structural courses throughout her postsecondary education. Soon after earning her Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Carleton University however, Candice landed a summer job at a small engineering firm, where she would come to discover her true passion through her first project: subdivisions.

For Candice, subdivisions are a complex puzzle that she enjoys “solving” – discovering the anomalies and finding creative solutions, using a planner’s perspective to develop the site and create truly usable places. Her hometown of Sudbury, being in a rock outcrop, presents a one-of-a-kind challenge with its unique typography when it comes to development. By leveraging her extensive experience in municipal, commercial, institutional, residential, and multi-unit projects, Candice relishes helping people create a community that caters specifically to how they live.

As a LEED-accredited professional, she is also a caretaker of the built environment and a purveyor of things that last. Buildings change, people change, uses change – but the communities we create have histories that begin long before us and will continue long after we are gone.

Though subdivisions will always be her ‘first love,’ Candice has also become increasingly involved with municipal projects working with northern municipalities on road design and reconstruction projects. Under Candice’s leadership, our Sudbury team has earned a reputation for being a nimble team capable of big projects, with a big reputation.

Outside the office, Candice and her husband have a full-time job chasing after their three-and-a-half-year-old son (and sometimes their pup as well). An avid interior designer, Candice takes as much joy decorating her new home as much as her workspace in our Sudbury office. As a new mom, her personal ambition for the future is simple: to raise a good human being!