Amuthan Krishnathas

Associate Vice President
“My focus is to help our clients harness the latest technologies to power human enterprise and seize the opportunity to transform how they, and our communities, work.”
Amuthan Krishnathas


Amuthan began his journey at RVA as a CAD designer, and quickly ascended the ranks to becoming an associate Project Engineer, Staff and Design Manager, and finally a Senior Principal of the firm. With over 34 years of experience in municipal and transportation projects, Amuthan now manages a dedicated group of municipal engineers, one of our largest and most prolific specialties across the firm.

A former computer whizz, Amuthan specializes in building bespoke digital solutions for some of the firm’s highest profile, award-winning projects, such as GIS technology for data collection and automation software for construction phases and public inquiries. His work has earned him several industry accolades over the years, including the American Public Works Association’s Transportation Project of the Year, the Ontario Public Works Association’s Environmental Project of the Year, and one of the top ten road projects in the Road and Bridges magazine.

As one of our most seasoned team leaders at RVA, Amuthan’s expertise extends far beyond the digital. Leveraging his passion for mentorship and project delivery, he has seen our municipal group grow from four individuals to a team of over 70 multidisciplinary professionals. Whether he is working with client or internal teams, he enjoys watching his team members grow, giving them opportunities for advancement, and providing the one-on-one guidance they need to achieve their goals.

When he is not at the office, Amuthan fills his time with investments and travelling. One of his most memorable experiences has been his trip to Iceland, where he was struck by the country’s enterprising spirit and – as an engineer – by their novel idea of generating electricity using thermal heat underneath the mountains. A nature lover, the next destination on Amuthan’s travel list is Galapagos Islands, where he hopes to explore its rainforests and wildlife to their fullest.