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West Don Lands Redevelopment

Services, Urban Development Services

West Don Lands Redevelopment

Client: Waterfront Toronto
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Project Description:

RVA was retained by Waterfront Toronto (formerly Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation) to undertake the implementation of the necessary municipal infrastructure required for the development of the West Don Lands precinct. This precinct is the first to proceed under the planned revitalization of the Toronto waterfront. The community will be a model of sustainability, incorporating LEED Gold buildings, district energy heating and cooling system, advanced telecommunication facilities, advanced stormwater treatment and water conservation.

RVA will implement the municipal services (watermains, sanitary and storm sewers), roads, street lighting and signalized intersections, and coordinate telecom facilities, utilities, and District Energy. To facilitate flood protection, a new storm sewer outfall tunnel is proposed. An advanced stormwater quality facility will be incorporated for the new outfall, and will include an oil-grit separator, filters and UV disinfection of stormwater.

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