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With the increasing dependence on vehicles in our everyday lives, efficient transportation systems are key to the economic well being and lifestyles of today’s governments and their citizens. It is important to design this infrastructure in a manner that creates the least disturbance and provides the most cost efficiencies.

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) has been involved in transportation engineering since 1960. We provide engineering services for new construction and rehabilitation of existing transportation facilities for highways, municipal roads, bridges, transit stations and railway infrastructure.

Specialized Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route Selection
  • Functional Planning
  • Transportation planning
  • Traffic Studies
  • environmental assessments
  • Design and Construction:
    • Highways
    • Municipal Roads Including HOV Lanes
    • Bridges
    • Transit Stations and Tunnels
    • Railway Structures, Grading, Drainage
    • Cycling and Pedestrian Trails
    • Lifecycle cost analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Design/Build
  • Project Management
  • Field Surveys, Utility Relocation
  • Quality Assurance