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The Italian Job

Client: Canada’s Wonderland
Location: Canada’s Wonderland, Maple, Ontario

Project Status: The project was completed successfully and is now in operation

Project Description:

Another spectacular ride comes to life at Canada’s Wonderland with the addition of The Italian Job: Stunt Track, a new multi-million dollar fast-track coaster experience for 2005. This wild ride takes families on a high-speed stunt car adventure through movie sets and scenes inspired by the movie’s urban chase sequences.Guests are treated to special audio and pyrotechnic effects, adding to the sensation of the experience. Once drivers are strapped into their custom “MINI” stunt car, “rubber meets the road” as the MINIs peel out of the ride station to begin the chase sequence. Drivers spiral up through a parking garage, dodge near-collisions, race down stairs, narrowly escape explosions triggered by gunfire from a menacing helicopter chase through tunnels. Tires skid out one last time as the stunt cars crash through an elevated billboard and splash down into an aquaduct, concluding the chase sequence and their test trial as a stunt driver.

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited completed the structural and architectural design of the ride and station, including foundation design, the ride tunnel including ventilation, emergency evacuation provisions, entry bridge, dam wall, and splash down aqua duct/lighting and associated life safety aspects, regulatory approvals, and site supervision during construction.

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