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Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant – Energy Efficient Building

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Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant – Energy Efficient Building

Client: Regional Municipality of Sudbury
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

Project Status: The project was completed April 1997 and is operating as designed

Project Description:

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited designed an energy efficient heating system for the Sudbury Plant’s new Chlorine Storage and Handling Facility by utilizing the plant’s effluent water as a heat source. Filtered effluent water is available 24 hours a day for process use and clean-up.

Multiple Water Source Heat Pumps are used to extract heat from effluent water by lowering the temperature through a refrigeration cycle and re-using this heat for building heating. By selecting units with reversing valves in the refrigerant system, the pumps provide cooling in the summer by rejecting building heat to the water.

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