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Sudbury Biosolids Management Master Plan

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Sudbury Biosolids Management Master Plan

Client: City of Sudbury
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

Project Status: The Biosolids Management Master Plan was successfully completed in 2008. R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was later retained by the City of Greater Sudbury to act as Owner’s Agent for the design/build implementation of a service or technology provider to handle and/or treat the City’s waste sludge in accordance with the Master Plan.

Project Description:

For the past 30 years, the City of Sudbury has disposed of sludge from its wastewater treatment plants in tailings ponds. The practice has functioned relatively well, but in recent years, has suffered from odour breakthroughs. In the early summer of 2007, there were significant odours from the tailings ponds that detrimentally affected the residents of nearby communities.

The City employed R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) to review the odour being generated, develop solutions to the problem which included a review of sludge handling in the community, and to complete a 25-year Biosolids Management Master Plan, following the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) process. The project also included preparing a Nutrient Management Strategy for the City’s five wastewater treatment plants. The focus of the work was to provide the County with a sustainable plan to deal with the handling and disposal of biosolids generated by the plants.

As part of the project, RVA reviewed mandatory and immediate storage requirements and disposal alternatives, and evaluated process options that produced a biosolids product that met the criteria established relevant to Sudbury. A Steering Committee was formed early in the project to help guide the plan through the EA process, and included agency and public representatives, including a wastewater operations contractor, a biosolids hauler, and RVA staff members.

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