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Smiths Falls Water Treatment Plant

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Smiths Falls Water Treatment Plant

Client: Town of Smiths Falls
Location: Smiths Falls, Ontario

Project Status: The feasibility study was completed in 2006. The facility was commissioned and completed in winter 2010 at a cost of $26.6 million.

Project Description:

After a Class EA revealed that the Town of Smiths Falls was in need of a completely new water treatment plant, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was engaged to conduct a pilot study to determine the most valuable treatment process and complete a detailed design for the construction of the new plant.

The pilot study was conducted with our subconsultant Andrews Hofmann and Associates Limited, and focused on colour removal technologies, including conventional treatment, sand ballasted flocculation with Actiflo, and high-rate dissolved air flotation with AquaDAF. Taste and odour removal technologies included advanced oxidation with UV and hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and granular activated carbon.

Three sets of tests were conducted over the course of 2005 to determine the impact of seasonal water quality events on the treatment processes. A detailed cost and life-cycle analysis was conducted to compare the capital costs, operation and maintenance requirements, ability to meet future requirements, experiences at other plants, and annual operating costs over a period of 20 years for a total of 15 alternative treatment trains.

The detailed analysis identified that the design of the new water treatment plant would include the following process components: low lift pumping, two AquaDAF units, dual media deep bed granular activated carbon filters with stainless steel underdrains and air scour capabilities, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, a new 2.8 ML reservoir, high lift pumping, and alterations to the existing elevated storage tank.

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