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Sandhills Golf and Country Club Aggregates

Services, Urban Development Services

Sandhills Golf and Country Club Aggregates

Client: Sandhills Aggregate, a Division of Empire Continental Management Inc.
Location: Uxbridge, Ontario

Project Status: The servicing solutions developed were designed to comply with stringent environmental requirements, allowing the planning application to proceed. The communal water supply and wastewater treatment solutions proposed by RVA were approved at the OMB.

Project Description:

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) was retained to undertake a Land Use Study to review the after use for this 400 acre sand and gravel pit operation at Coppin’s Corners, Township of Uxbridge. RVA commissioned a hydrogeological investigation that focused on water supply and the assimilative capacity of the aquifer for wastewater disposal. Servicing solutions were developed that maintained the site’s water balance, recognized the site’s environmental constraints and were cost effective. A communal well water supply and communal wastewater treatment plant were recommended. Wastewater disposal was recommended through a combination of infiltration and golf course irrigation.

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