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Renewal of the Etobicoke Creek Trunk Sewer

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Renewal of the Etobicoke Creek Trunk Sewer

Client: Peel Region
Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Project Description:

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was retained by Peel Region to provide design, inspection and contract administration services for replacement of a drop structure, and a 420 m long section of trunk sewer (2100 mm diameter) located immediately downstream. The existing drop structure and downstream trunk sewer are in poor structural condition due to concrete spalling and the onset of corrosion of the reinforcing steel in the chamber and pipe. This deterioration was attributed to the release of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas from the sewage due to the turbulence of the flow as it drops 4 m vertically through the drop structure.

A major challenge was designing the diversion chamber and reconnection chamber around the existing sewer while live flow is maintained. Portions of the existing sewer within the diversion and reconnection chambers are to be wire- cut and removed with Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) stop logs, and then installed to direct the flow into the new trunk sewer. The Region will then be able to complete a more detailed inspection of the existing trunk sewer to determine if it can be rehabilitated (to allow it to be put back into service in the future or if it should be abandoned).

A key feature of this project is the vortex drop structure, which will reduce the turbulence in the sewage flow as it drops, thereby reducing the potential for release of H2S gas from the sewage.

Another key feature of the project is the use of Concrete Protective Liners (CPL) to the new trunk sewer and chambers. These liners are fabricated from highly inert polymers (HDPE and PVC), have a very high chemical resistance, do not support bacterial growth, and offer abrasion resistance.

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