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Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant

Client: Regional Municipality of Niagara
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Project Status: This project was successfully completed in early 2006.

Project Description:

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was engaged to conduct a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, and detailed design for Phase 1 construction upgrades at the Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant. This included filter upgrades in Plants 1 and 2, a new ultra-violet (UV) treatment facility, a new 14 ML reservoir, and an administration building addition. Electrical upgrades include new high-voltage switchgear, and a stand-by power generating-set electrical upgrades at the Kent Avenue Reservoir and Pumping Station.

The process upgrades include a new chemical feed system for coagulant addition, improved filter beds with new stainless steel under drains and air-scour capabilities, and UV reactors for pathogen removal. Other process upgrades include an optimized flow-path through new and existing reservoirs to improve contact time, and an intake back flush line to dislodge frazil ice. These upgrades will extend the service life of the facility by 20 to 30 years.

The facility is located on scenic Niagara Parkway Drive, close to Niagara Falls, in the historic Village of Chippawa. In designing the administration and UV building additions, the unique 1930’s-era architectural features of the facility will be preserved. The landscape design concept will further enhance the overall appearance of the facility and blend with the adjacent Niagara Falls Parkway.

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