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Newcastle Risk and Criticality Assessment

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Newcastle Risk and Criticality Assessment
Client: Regional Municipality of Durham
Location: Newcastle, Ontario
Project Status: The project was successfully completed for a total cost of $80,000
Project Description:
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was engaged by the Regional Municipality of Durham to conduct a Risk and Criticality Assessment of the wastewater collection and treatment system for the Community of Newcastle. The system consists of 33 km of sanitary sewers, three sewage pumping stations, and the Newcastle WPCP, which is an activated sludge treatment facility with a capacity of 4 ML/day with an outfall to Lake Ontario.

A systematic potential problem analysis was performed on the critical assets of the wastewater collection and treatment system. Eighty-five critical assets were identified and 449 potential problem scenarios were assessed in a three-phased program that involved facility site visits and three workshops. Numerical risk ratings were assigned to the potential problem scenarios based on their probabilities of occurrence and on the severity of consequences. The risk ratings were used to prioritize the potential problem scenarios for risk reduction actions. Risk mitigation measures were recommended and preliminary estimates of implementation costs were developed.

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