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Mt. Pleasant Water Facility Upgrades Class Environmental Assessment

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Mt. Pleasant Water Facility Upgrades Class Environmental Assessment

Client: County of Brant
Location: Mt. Pleasant, Ontario

Project Description:

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) was retained by the County of Brant to undertake a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA), design, tendering, and contract administration for upgrades to the existing Mt. Pleasant Water Facility.

The existing supply is sourced from two local wells with a total firm capacity of 26 L/s. The distribution system is subject to regular water main flushing to improve aesthetic concerns relating to elevated iron and manganese levels.

To provide the facility with an environmentally friendly solution to solve the aesthetic water quality issues and reduce wasting treated water by flushing the distribution system, the County is proposing to provide the facility with iron and manganese treatment, management of the residuals from this process, and the upgrade of the standby power supply source for the new equipment

Six alternative treatment solutions, each with up to four options for residue management, were presented to the public. Each alternative included provision for a standby diesel generator.

Through consultation with the public and stakeholders, the preferred solution was identified to be: Pressure Filtration + Standby Diesel Generator + Backwash Equalization Tank with Supernatant Decanting and Lagoon for Residue Storage.

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