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Mt. Pleasant Reservoir Upgrades

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Mt. Pleasant Reservoir Upgrades

Client: County of Brant
Location: Mt. Pleasaznt, Ontario

Project Status: The project was successfully completed on schedule and within budget for a construction cost of $1.22 million.

Project Description

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was engaged to conduct a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment, prepare the preliminary and final design, and provide contract administration and inspection services for the construction of a new, larger treated water storage reservoir cell at the Mt. Pleasant Well Water Treatment Facility.

In order to secure federal and provincial funding, this project had a strict timeline of only 10 months. The Schedule B Class EA, preliminary and final design and tendering were all completed in a period of 4.5 months. Substantial completion was completed within a period of 5.5 months.

The new reservoir cell is located on a small parcel of land between an existing reservoir and bulk filling station. The reservoir was designed with a capacity of 1,500 m3 to meet the current and projected storage needs of the municipal system. The design offered the following features:

  • Complete redundancy through the provision of a valve chamber with piping and valves to enable the use of any cell while one is off-line for maintenance
  • Construction sequencing to ensure uninterrupted treated water supply and operation of the existing pumping station and reservoir.
  • Improved disinfection by adding baffles to both the new and existing reservoir to avoid short-circuiting of the water flow and to provide contact time for chlorine disinfection
  • Site design to allow maximum flexibility for future expansion of the existing pumping stations
  • Enhanced safety through the provision of lockable and alarmed access hatches and enclosed vents with bird/insect protection
  • Ease of maintenance through the location of access hatches and sliding gates in the baffle curtains, provision of shutoff valves/gates, sloped surfaces, sump pit, etc.

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