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John Street Pumping Station

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John Street Pumping Station

Client: CN Real Estate and the Ontario Stadium Corporation for Metropolitan Toronto
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Prooject Status: The construction of the new, partly aboveground pumping station was completed at a cost of $20 million

Project Description:

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was retained by CN Real Estate and the Ontario Stadium Corporation Limited to develop a concept for modifications and relocation of a 144-year-old complex which housed Metro Toronto’s largest water pumping station. The original station, located at the site of the Toronto SkyDome, received up to 8357 L/s (159 MIGD) of water from the R.C Harris and the Toronto Island filtration plants and pumped it into the distribution system in the Toronto Downtown Area. The actual station pumping capacity is 11458 L/s (218 MIGD) with eight 1500 HP pumps and one 700 HP pump.

The final design assignment included an investigation of the possibility of lowering the works so that the SkyDome could be constructed above, or of relocating the station to a new site beside the stadium. The preliminary design involved a number of configurations of the new station from mainly aboveground to completely underground partly under railroad tracks. The final design had to take into account many unique features, including gradual relocation of pumps while remotely operating both stations, wet connections of supply tunnels, operation of two inlet and two outlet surge tanks, groundwater and shale pressures and a compressed construction schedule.

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited was awarded the Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Merit, and the Environmental Science and Engineering magazine Award of Excellence for this project.

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