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Cherry Street/Sumach Street Reconstruction and Transitway

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Cherry Street/Sumach Street Reconstruction and Transitway

Client: Waterfront Toronto
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Project Description:

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) was retained by Waterfront Toronto to undertake the design for reconstruction of Cherry Street / Sumach Street from the railway corridor northerly to King Street in Toronto. The project includes a new streetcar line along the east side of Cherry / Sumach Street and the reconstruction and realignment of the two-lane roadway with bike lanes on each side. The project also includes new storm sewers and relocation and upgrading of the water main, sanitary sewer, and combined overflow sewer. Major utility relocations include new duct banks along the west side of the street to accommodate Hydro, Bell Canada, and Rogers Cable and a new duct bank along the east side of the street for TTC power, street lighting and future telecom.

RVA developed and maintained the proposed project schedule for design and construction and identified the critical path activities which included property acquisition, utility relocation, and obtaining approvals from the various City departments. Various options for expediting construction were investigated in order to meet City’s scheduling requirements.

Extensive consultations were undertaken with Toronto Transit Commission who are operating and maintaining the streetcar line and with the City of Toronto who own and operate various roadway and underground service elements. Other stakeholders include GO Transit, community groups, design consultants working on projects adjacent to Cherry Street / Sumach Street, and various property owners along the roadway.

RVA identified the various property requirements and assisted Waterfront Toronto during extensive discussions with property owners who were impacted due to land requirements or access restrictions. Grading and drainage plans were developed for the adjacent private properties impacted by the project. The civil designs were coordinated with the Public Realm designs to present a design package to the various property owners.

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