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Cave Creek Collector Sewer Design and Construction

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Cave Creek Collector Sewer Design and Construction

Client: City of Ottawa
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Project Status: Phase 1 of the project was substantially completed in 2011, and Phase 2 is currently underway in 2012.

Project Description:

The City of Ottawa retained R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) to undertake the preliminary and detailed design for a complete road rehabilitation, including a new sanitary trunk sewer in an older residential section of Ottawa. RVA also coordinated the contract for preliminary and detailed design of complete road rehabilitation and associated landscaping for the area. The project was split into two phases. Phase 1 had 570 m of 1200 mm trunk sewer between 5 m and 8 m deep; and Phase 2 had 880 m of 1050 mm trunk sewer between 5 m and 8 m deep, both with associated water main, storm sewer, and local sanitary sewer.

RVA coordinated all approvals with federal and provincial agencies responsible for land crossed by the sewer, including the NCC and the MTO. In addition, special approvals were required to cross underneath the provincial Highway 417 under a road overpass and to cross a 417 off-ramp.

RVA also coordinated the design of the 1050 mm trunk sewer crossing beneath the 417 overpass at Merivale Road, which included 73 m of trenchless tunneling work using a steerable tunnel boring machine in order to minimize impact to the 417 structure. This work included two trenchless shafts, and required accurate tunneling 0.5 m beneath a 1200 mm water main that was not pressurized but full of water.

RVA also provided complete construction administration support for both phases of the project, including engineering support and field inspection services.

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