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The firm has developed its services capabilities in three broad categories:

  • Master Plans
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment
  • Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Alternative Project Delivery
  • Strategies and Policies
  • Competitiveness and Best Practices
  • Audits and Investigations
  • Project Management
  • Design and Specifications
  • Approvals and Permits
  • Tendering and Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Inspection
  • Commissioning and Training
  • Manuals and Guidelines
  • Plant Operations and Troubleshooting
  • Contracting Out
  • Operational Audits

Our Business Lines

Unique Technologies

RVA also developed unique technologies in areas that cross-cut multiple business lines, including:

Asset Management for Municipal Infrastructure

RVA provides management and technical support for municipalities’ infrastructure management programs by combining practical experience with the latest technologies. RVA can provide clients with specialized services in the following technologies:asset-life-cycle

  • Benchmarking / Best Practices
  • Inventory and Mapping (GIS)
  • Flow and Pressure Monitoring
  • Water Audits / Leakage Surveys
  • Sewer Inflow / Infiltration Analysis
  • Analysis of Water Main Break Records
  • Sewer Inspection
  • Computer Network Modeling
  • Structural Adequacy Rating (Roads)
  • Conditioning Rating Systems
  • Rehabilitation Needs Study
  • Water and Sewer Rate Studies


  • Optimize the operation of existing water distribution and sewage collection systems in order to defer their upgrade and / or expansion.
  • Identify cost-effective programs for rehabilitation and renewal of the systems in order to maintain a high level of service in perpetuity.
  • Identify cost-effective programs for expansion of the systems to service projected development without compromising the level of service to existing development.
  • Establish an asset management system in order to maintain a current inventory of municipal infrastructure, as well as the condition of their components.
Small Systems Solutions

With increasingly stringent environmental regulations to meet, and with additional financial burdens on taxpayers, Ontario municipalities are recognizing the importance of managing their solid waste, water supply, and wastewater infrastructure (such as landfills, lagoons, sewers, water mains, and water/wastewa¬ter treatment plants) as assets that require ongoing investment to sustain their efficient operation.

Infrastructure master plans and environmental assessments must be implemented in a way that addresses the integration of principles of sustainability, technical, social, and economic criteria, including the ability of each municipality to finance and operate each piece of infrastructure. Implementation strategies are necessary that reflect the appropriate level of technology for the size, economy, and geography of each municipality.

RVA works with municipalities of all sizes to develop implementation plans and strategies that meet their social and economic needs, strategies that address aging infrastructure, public de¬mands for a high level of service and accountability, more strin¬gent regulations, and limited financial resources. Our approach includes working hand in hand with a municipality providing ex¬pert policy development, management, and technical assistance on a retainer basis.

RVA assists municipalities with long-term strategic planning, policies and programs, as well as short-term planning for capital projects. “Outside the box” thinking is applied to identify alter¬native technologies, service delivery mechanisms, and imple¬mentation strategies that optimize the municipality’s long-term economic and social imperatives.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability requires maintaining a balance that can exist indefinitely; a balance of environmental, social, and financial needs. Progress implies not only advancement, but betterment.

Striking this tenuous balance is a long-term objective for R.V. Anderson Associates Limited; truly a work in progress. We recognize that environmental, social, and economic vitality are linked. For this reason, we endeavour to incorporate the principles of sustainability – technical, environmental, social, and economic – into our projects. Energy and resource conservation, pollution prevention, social acceptability and sound financial management are all important elements in our search for innovative solutions to our clients’ needs.

Our staff complement includes Accredited Professionals in Canada Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program, a tool to promote building practices with less environmental impact than conventional practices. We use life cycle costing to consider capital, operation, and maintenance costs during evaluation of design options, and promote alternative design solutions to our clients. Using these tools, we strive to create projects that enhance society holistically, with sustainability, and hence progress, as our ultimate goal.

Trenchless Technology

“Trenchless technology” has evolved into the catch phrase for alternative methods used in the construction of new and rehabilitated water mains and sewers. In many cases, the use of trenchless technologies is less costly and less disruptive to the environment, traffic, and residents than conventional methods.

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) provides design, management, and technical support for infrastructure management programs by combining practical experience with the latest technologies. Our clients benefit from our extensive capabilities for construction/rehabilitation of a wide range of pipe sizes (up to 3000 mm diameter) under a large variety of soil, groundwater, access, and conflicting existing utilities conditions.

Specific Services:

Location, inventory, and mapping of existing sewers and water mains
Inspection of existing sewers and water mains, including deep constructed pipes
Condition assessments and performance evaluations of sewers and water mains
New construction
Structural and nonstructural repair and rehabilitation of deteriorated sewers and water mains
Structural rehabilitation of manholes and access shafts

Evaluation of options for, and implementation of, trenchless or no dig technologies
Horizontal Directional Drilling
Pipe bursting
Jacking and boring
Dye testing and smoke testing for sewer connectivity
Multisensor inspection

Integrated Services

Objectives for Clients

The fundamental objective of RVA’s integrated services is to achieve success for clients through:

  • Compliance with agreed budgets and schedules
  • Developing solutions and project deliverables which will meet performance requirements, best practices, and applicable quality and technicale standards
  • Satisfy stakeholders and their respective interests in administrative, operational and community responsibilities
  • Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements appropriate to the solutions and operations

Adding Value for Clients

Through integration of services, RVA can add value for clients in areas such as:

  • Increasing revenues by bringing revenue generation solutions “on-line” within required schedules
  • Reduce investment and lifecycle costs associates with capital, operation, maintenance, repair and replacement expenditures
  • Reduce and manage risks by identifying and assessing possibilities; mitigating environmental impacts and liabilities; and focusing on safety in the workplace
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