RVA Partners with Valley Integration for Sustainable Water Systems

Toronto, ON—March 11, 2024—R. V. Anderson Associates Ltd. (“RVA”), a Canadian leader in the provision of engineering and architectural consulting services, announced today that it is further strengthening its Instrumentation and Control (I&C) division by entering into an exclusive partnership with Valley Integration Inc. (“Valley Integration”), a systems integration firm that specializes in process control and automation solutions for the water and wastewater market. The addition of Valley Integration to RVA’s existing I&C capabilities will enable both firms to harness their combined technical experience and industry-specific knowledge in delivering embedded SCADA services throughout the RVA portfolio, catering primarily to the water and wastewater sector, as well as municipal utility operations and maintenance clients.

With offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Thunder Bay, Valley Integration is a one-stop systems integrator with an extensive track record delivering modernized SCADA control and monitoring systems in highly regulated industries, including water and wastewater, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and automotive. Valley Integration’s expertise expands upon and complements RVA’s current I&C division, providing new opportunities to build custom solutions for its clients and further enhance their operations with turnkey services, including SCADA software, hardware and network design, PLC programming and SCADA integration, systems startup and commissioning, SCADA training and troubleshooting services.

RVA has enhanced its I&C capabilities in recent years to offer new services, innovative business models, and a mindset centered around adaptability and collaboration to help its clients meet the challenges of an ever-changing digital world. Today, RVA’s in-house team of I&C engineers, technicians, and technologists operate from 10 offices across Canada. In the past year alone, they have supported over 120 projects that span the water and wastewater, transportation, design-build, and green energy sectors.

“Today, our automation and I&C services are more in demand than ever to address rising standards in compliance and operational excellence,” said Zoran Filinov, Chief Operating Officer of RVA. “This partnership with Valley Integration is a big leap in RVA’s strategy to leverage advanced technologies that enable data-driven decision-making. By creating a diversified, affiliated I&C and SCADA business unit, we’re able to bring the best of RVA and Valley Integration together to provide complete solutions for our clients’ most pressing challenges – and in a way that is more cost effective and at a higher level of quality.”

This expansion of RVA’s I&C capabilities offers its clients alternative project delivery paths by embedding systems integration at the outset, starting with design, panel building, SCADA integration, all the way through to final commissioning, and facility handover. As opposed to traditional programming and SCADA systems services that are carried out under the construction contract, the RVA and Valley Integration partnership will enable the seamless integration of design and programming under a unified delivery model, effectively enabling municipalities to reap the full benefits of their operations: from streamlined network interfaces, to faster implementation, and ultimately more robust and reliable automation systems for complex facility processes.

Valley Integration President, Nikin Panchal, stated: “Sustainable water management is vital to protecting the health of our communities and the environment. Through our partnership with RVA, Valley Integration will be able to utilize its deep knowledge of the industry to provide cutting-edge process control and automation solutions that improve the productivity and cost-effectiveness of our clients’ operations. Together, we are dedicated to delivering sustainable and effective solutions that support the ongoing success of the water and wastewater industry.”

Built on the foundation of a shared culture that is focused on people and innovation, the RVA-Valley Integration alliance represents a joint undertaking between the two firms to leverage their combined strengths and talent pools to fulfill a fundamental objective for municipalities across Canada: to build resilient, healthy communities and accelerate sustainable, inclusive growth. By connecting designers with integrators, data with technology, and innovation with impact, the RVA-Valley Integration partnership is poised to deliver next-generation engineering solutions that will enable their clients to perform and transform continuously, operate with speed and agility, and manage risk with confidence.

“The water and wastewater industry is in the midst of accelerated digital transformation,” added Tom Woodcock, RVA’s I&C Manager. “RVA and Valley Integration will innovate and collaborate together with our clients as we build a better future and make an impact that lasts.”

About Valley Integration

Valley Integration Inc. is a versatile company that specializes in process control and automation solutions for the water and wastewater industry. Its clients are mainly municipal organizations throughout Ontario, but it has recently expanded its services to include Western Canada. Valley Integration is currently working on projects with the provincial government in Ontario Parks, private industries, and the Metis Settlements of Alberta. Its comprehensive range of services and expertise in system integration and automation process control allow it to offer dependable and efficient solutions that streamline processes and improve productivity for its clients.

About RVA

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) brings together a community of thinkers, innovators, and collaborators who combine human ingenuity with technology and experience to deliver sustained outcomes that make a difference. It is an employee-owned community and an award-winning culture carrying forth a proud legacy of 75+ years of engineering excellence, which has grown to a thriving organization of over 450 professionals. Its teams work together across geographic, functional, and business lines to deliver dynamic solutions that are based in trust and informed decision-making. At the core of RVA’s brand is its values, connecting people, projects, and planet. To learn more, visit rvanderson.com.

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