RVA Becomes a Noventa Energy Development Partner for Clean, Green Energy Solutions

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Toronto, ON—July 19, 2023—R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (“RVA”) today announced the expansion of its green energy services as a Development Partner of Noventa Energy Partners (“Noventa”), a leading global energy company focused on providing innovative and proprietary solutions to decarbonize buildings. Through this partnership, RVA will collaborate with Noventa on high-profile projects to deliver sustainable energy solutions at speed and scale across numerous healthcare and institutional facilities. As municipalities and governments adapt to a climate-aligned economy, this alliance aims to drive the green reinvention of heating and cooling in commercial, residential, and institutional spaces in communities across Canada.

A powerful collaboration to advance progress

Since 2018, Noventa has partnered with leading organizations to shape the future of renewable energy. RVA has served as a leader in the provision of engineering consulting services for the country’s largest public and private organizations for over 75 years, while Noventa brings over 100 years of collective industry experience in the energy sector. This latest alliance will enhance speed-to-value in Noventa’s customizable solutions with the integration of RVA’s engineering capabilities, including mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, instrumentation, controls, computational fluid dynamics, and water/wastewater design services. By aligning their offerings toward the clean energy transition, the RVA-Noventa collaboration is poised to deliver significant opportunities for clients in the design and execution of renewable technologies that enable the large-scale transformations needed to meet global emissions targets.

RVA and Noventa operate on a foundation of shared values, including a mutual commitment to reduce carbon emissions, decrease operating costs, and effect authentic change to combat the climate crisis. Both firms seek to expand their impact by applying lessons learned from the green energy sector to help advance social equity in all forms. The Toronto Western Hospital WETTM Project, one of the largest raw wastewater energy transfer systems in the world, was the proving ground for future works between RVA and Noventa – marking the beginning of a series of projects that seek to challenge conventional thinking and embrace disruptive technologies that can help create long-term value.

“We’re excited to strengthen our existing alliance with Noventa and to come together with like-minded change leaders to help build a more sustainable world,” remarked Shawn Scott, CEO and President of RVA. “While this is an extension of the powerful work we have already accomplished together, this new partnership will focus on future projects for reducing global emissions and creating measurable impact on a national scale. RVA is thrilled to embark on this new journey with Noventa as we help to create a net-zero future.”

“At Noventa, we are committed to decarbonizing our world through disruptive innovation,” said Dennis Fotinos, Founder and CEO of Noventa. “In this mission, we partner with best-in-class companies like RVA who help us transform challenges into opportunities to deliver renewable energy solutions that don’t compromise on safety or performance.  We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership will unlock.”

The opportunity in systems transformation

There is a growing acceptance that achieving the Paris Agreement targets of holding global warming to near 1.5°C is only possible through urgent, collective change. To stay competitive, leading organizations must embrace system-wide thinking if they wish to leverage the opportunities in emerging markets and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon society. By building a coalition of innovators in the energy ecosystem, RVA is catalyzing action across sectors to accelerate the pace of change and create new value in a more sustainable and equitable world.

“No single person or company can effectively address climate change alone,” stated Mark Bruder, Senior Associate at RVA and Program Manager for Noventa projects. “We must all work together with a shared understanding and optimism that we can make real progress on this important issue. Decarbonizing our planet will help to protect future generations and allow them to reach their full potential in all aspects of society. By teaming with Noventa, we can expand and accelerate our impact. I’m excited for what we will accomplish together to help create a more environmentally sustainable future.”

Cam Quinn, Senior Project Manager at Noventa, added: “It is exciting to have RVA as a development partner as we work towards decarbonizing HVAC systems with our Wastewater Energy Transfer™ and other proprietary technologies.”

Another component of the RVA and Noventa collaboration is bringing together a diverse group of talent who will combine the unique strengths of each company to unlock more value, at less cost, for clients looking to transform their operating models with sustainable energy solutions. With the competitive advantage of RVA’s proven engineering capabilities and Noventa’s rapidly deployable technologies, this strategic alliance will introduce a unique portfolio of co-innovated offerings in the Canadian green energy market.

“As we work with RVA and the rest of our Development Partners to avoid the calamitous effects of climate change, we realize that we must continue to innovate,” said Stephen Condie, Chief Technology Officer at Noventa. “Not only in terms of research and development of new or improved technologies, but also in the manner in which they are combined and deployed to achieve a sustainable triple bottom line.”

As the decarbonization challenge gains momentum around the world, RVA continues to be a trusted partner for market-ready sustainability solutions that contribute to the collective effort of meeting climate goals through renewable sources. For additional information on how our services can help you secure a clean, prosperous, and zero-carbon future, visit us at rvanderson.com.

About Noventa Energy

Noventa is a global renewable energy company providing proprietary solutions to decarbonize buildings. Through creative design and process innovation, we integrate our patented technologies into conventional HVAC systems to reduce carbon emissions and manage energy costs. From engineered equipment sales of HUBER ThermWin®️ technology, to complete turn-key Wastewater Energy Transfer™️ or WET™️ projects, we tailor our services to satisfy the unique demands and circumstances of our customers. 

About RVA

At RVA, we’re a community of thinkers, innovators, and collaborators who combine human ingenuity with technology and experience to deliver sustained outcomes that make a difference. We are an employee-owned community and an award-winning culture carrying forth a proud legacy of 75+ years of engineering excellence, which has grown to a thriving organization of over 450 professionals. We work together across geographic, functional, and business lines to deliver dynamic solutions that are based in trust and informed decision-making. At the core of our brand are our values, connecting people, projects, and planet.

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