The Brief

Cities that proactively manage water can unlock savings while cultivating a cleaner, safer system for all. We helped the City of Markham achieve that by reimagining the flood control plan, and seamlessly carrying out all related capital construction projects in West Thornhill.

Project Overview

Better flow for a better future

Water is a powerful force. Managing it effectively can change everything for a city—but that requires visionary planning. When the City of Markham retained our team to refine the flood control plan for its West Thornhill neighbourhood, we set out to design and implement a solution that would enable better water management today and tomorrow.

The best plans start with the best data. That’s why we began by creating a robust data set. We wanted to ensure everything implemented in West Thornhill reflected the neighbourhood’s true reality. Roof downspout disconnection and foundation drain connection surveys surfaced critical insight. Land surveys allowed us to update drainage system computer models with invert elevation and overland flow routes. Once validated and calibrated, these models empowered us to evaluate a host of solutions, and recommend the most impactful path forward.

From there, we rolled out our flood control improvement plan through two distinct capital construction phases. This involved building new storm sewers, all while navigating the space constraints of a mature neighbourhood. At every stage of the project, our team provided comprehensive oversight of capital works construction, as well as contract administration and inspection services. Monitoring ground settlement and vibrations. Securing permits and approvals. Liaising with provincial and municipal regulatory bodies. We led it all.

Today, West Thornhill’s flood control plan has been refined and upgraded to reflect the evolving ways water shapes this neighbourhood. Because the City seized the opportunity to replace cast iron water mains and reconstruct key roads over the course of the project, West Thornhill is functioning better than ever. Newly installed separators that control water quality before it re-enters the river system mean this part of the City is running greener, too. All of these improvements will define West Thornhill for decades to come.