The Brief

Net-new developments require big picture vision and long-term commitment. We have worked with J. Corsi Developments to deliver on that promise by providing expansive services throughout the ongoing, 34-year construction of Sudbury’s Copper Park subdivision.

Project Overview

Long-term vision at the heart of long-term development

Development governed by long-term planning doesn’t just change the urban landscape. It builds communities, creates neighbourhoods, and cultivates possibilities. The Copper Park subdivision in Sudbury, Ontario was born in 1987 with a draft plan. For more than 30 years, our team has played an integral role in marshalling this development forward by providing important and ongoing design, tender, contract, administration and field inspection services.

Translating a comprehensive vision into a transformational development takes multidisciplinary support. Having the right people, focused on the right elements, at the right time, is absolutely essential. Over the years, we have driven countless aspects of this project forward.

What does that entail? Bringing water services cross country through rear yard easements, to feed a new municipal water booster station within the development. Using engineered rock fill to support building foundations when the concept itself was brand new. Overseeing designer slopes with terraced rear yards, which are prevalent surrounding Corsi Hill (a defining feature of the local landscape). Building sanitary sewage drops using drilled shafts at two locations. And so much more.

Looking ahead, Copper Park continues to grow. It now spans 11 completed development phases, 400 lots, a multi-residential block and more than 2,500 metres of urban roads. We’ll continue to support that long-term vision every step of the way.