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RVA Changes its Logo and Visual Identity

RVA Changes its Logo and Visual Identity

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(April 2017) – The 1960s. This decade saw the rise of rock and roll, the beginning of the Cold War Era, and a major civil rights movement that helped change the world forever. RVA expanded outside of Toronto to start a new office in Welland.

To celebrate this growth, RVA came up with a new logo: the iconic “double a” that clearly identified that we were Anderson’s Associates. The firm was founded nearly 20 years earlier by Roderick V. Anderson, a local engineer with a vision of delivering projects that helped build great communities. We were proud of our founder’s success story; proud to expand this vision across Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Today, we honour this vision, which sits at the heart of everything we do. However, 50 years is a long time. You can start and retire from a career, have children, have grandchildren. Your core self, the real you wouldn’t change over that time, but your look would have.

The same is true for brands. RVA’s “look” hasn’t really changed in those 50 years. What was once new and fresh now has become outdated. So, the time for a change has come.

To better reflect today’s RVA, we are changing our visual identity to modernise the brand. We are also unifying the brand across the company; Kavanagh Associates, a division based out of St. John’s, NL, will now use the RVA name and brand.

We can never completely pull away from the past. We don’t want to. We are proud of Rod Anderson’s enduring legacy of helping our local communities become great. But we recognize the importance of adapting for the future, of ensuring that RVA stands out amongst its competitors.

Moving into this new era will set the foundation for growth and change well into the future.


RVA Logo Colour with Name Underneath