Introducing RVA Architecture

RVA Architecture Announcement

As of September 1, 2021, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) is proud to announce the launch of RVA Architecture, a centralized service group with LEED-certified practitioners that is dedicated to developing integrated architectural solutions for clients of all sizes and industries across Canada.

RVA Architecture extends the current capabilities and offerings of RVA, serving as a single point of contact for all architectural needs across the firm’s network. With an ever-expanding portfolio that includes industrial buildings, parking structures, schools, fire stations, and recreational centres, RVA Architecture provides an end-to-end suite of offerings that addresses the complex needs of clients in diverse environments, with a focus on greater future returns for communities.

Shawn Scott, President and CEO, says:

The launch of RVA Architecture is a significant milestone in the expansion of RVA’s core services. The outstanding technical support and enablement that RVA Architecture is providing to client-serving teams is of paramount importance in bringing innovative, sustainable, and human-centred solutions to life. RVA Architecture will be integral in helping us provide differentiated, competitive advantage to our clients, and we look forward to working with them to build stronger and healthier communities.

RVA Architecture brings together top talent with human-centred methodologies and cutting-edge design tools to deliver enriched user experiences. With architectural strategists, designers, and technologists co-creating with engineers, RVA teams will be able to provide the technical enablement and joint innovation that is crucial to delivering superior client outcomes.